Monday, 27 October 2014

Vintage! Yes Please!

 These are some of the vintage things that reside in my room. I love collecting and finding unique things from the past. And the most beautiful thing is when they aren't chipped or broken and are just WHOLE! Its the best when they are in their 'perfect' state - I don't mean that they have no aging but that are perfectly persevered. The biggest wonder is finding items like this. It gives me the most wonderful feeling. Its not because they are old that I have a connection with them but rather their character - the very thing they are and represent. I wouldn't just buy something because its old. No, I've got to connect with the item and when I do thats when I buy it for myself. 

This lovely lamp base is
from a lovely antique store called Roberts Rummage in Hastings, East Sussex.
The shop really is like a treasure cove for lovely things. Its not expensive at all and there's so many things to see. Once inside you can hardly get about from so many things on shelves and on the floor and hanging above. And then there's your eyes that can't stop moving and keep going over different things. Brass, plates, crystal. On our first day I had stopped the lamp but didn't purchase it because it was nearly closing time and I didn't want to be a bother. When around on the next day and got the shade of the top of a high cupboard and examined it. There was so chips or cracks or even crazing. It was everything I had thought and so much more. 

The mark on the bottom of the base states Foreigen  which states is the a mark used by the 'less sophisticated countries" to print on their products like china etc between the years of 1893 and 1923 that were being exported. So in light of this my lampshade is quiet old and also very lucky for making it to me unharmed.

This tinker box is not only in the shape of a tea pot but it is also a sink and oven with a red flower pattern painted on. I found it while out at charity shop in Hatfield with my mine. Instantly I loved it and that I would get it. I couldn't believe such an exquisite creature of a thing existed! I just really was stunned. That little white mark on its base came about in the cleaning process at home. I thinks its very cute and adorable. The money that was spent for it also went for a good cause and I was a girl beyond the moon.

There is no mark on the box so I don't know if it was made here in Britain or somewhere abroad but I just know that its the epitome of a gem!

On the top there is a blue bottle with a gold top, a white saucer with a gold top and a green hairbrush with blue bristles. There are also the gold taps of course.

This coffee cup is another item found on a trip to the charities in my area. The contrast of the gold against the white is just so regal. Once I set my eyes on it I was going look at that look at that. I gently took it and look at it. Once again no chips, damaged and no grazing. It was perfect and so detailed. There was no detail on the bottom (expect two little lines and something like a signature on the cup) as to its maker so I don't know if its foreign or not. I might not know its history but its somehow got that that charity shop unharmed and to me. It obviously belonged to somebody who took great care of it but in the end gave it away. I will be taking great care of it and it will reside on my desk and I'll look at it when I write and work. It fits perfectly into my collection. I think so, don't you?

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