Monday, 10 November 2014

Ale pale, dark, tall and short!

 Ale is a big English tradition lets start there. I myself love ale and my family does too. Going to the shop to purchase it as you can see from some of the photos is a wonderful experience. There are so many different ones to choice from. Each time we get something different and no 2 ales are ever alike.

The offer in the photos is in Morrison on Hatfield road. There's tons of variety as i said before and this offer gives you the chance to same a lot of different ales at a really good price.
 As can be seen in the photos ales are also about a work of art. They look magnificent and beautiful lining the shelves. These are golden ales and the brand I've tried is Wychcraft (on here it can be identified by the title gold). I've tasted most of the Wychcraft ales and I've always enjoyed them thoroughly.

Others on this shelf I'm not familiar with but I plan to try in the very near future. I love discovering new things I enjoy.

 One of the ones I'm really wanting to try out is this new Wytchcraft brew. Its a new one thats just come out. Yes there's a wytch on the label and i think thats super cool :D. I'm hoping to sample it very soon and write all about it.

There is also a similar offer in Asda but it offers a different variety to the ones Morrison does. There are interesting ales that I've picked out from there too.

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