Monday, 10 November 2014

Mexican night!

My mum and I love making stuff together. This is the Mexican meal we made last week.

We bought corn tortillas didn't make them from scratch. But we made chilli tomato sauce from scratch and it was delicious. In the English style of things we had dark ale mature cheddar cheese and beetroot, carrot and cabbage salad.

It was a lovely delicious meal. All in all I had 3 and it was so tasty i really could have kept going.

Below you can see the the layout of the table. Just now realise there's both dark ale and red wine.

It was a wonderful meal and we would definitely have it again soon because my family loves having a variety of meals and dishes from all over the world.

I'm sorry if the pics make you hungry :) take it as a sign you need to get yourself some yummy Mexian food and make a night of it. 

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