Thursday, 13 November 2014

Weekend Treasures 1 and 2!

 Here are my thrifting finds! These are the titles that I discovered the the previous two weekends. Yes, I know that one again the weekend is approaching but I've been getting my room ready for a new shelf so that my books wouldn't be homeless. I love discovering new books and thrifting is one of the ways I do so. The books here are so many different genres and obviously by different authors. I love finding books in these ways because I've always had trouble finding books to read. This might be due to the categories that exist in book shops or it might be something else entirely unknown to me. Finding books is charities is a different process they are all placed together non-fiction, historican fiction, fantasy novels and novels which I wouldn't know in what category to place. I find that I have a passion for books in many different categories and this is wonderful.

The other thing I look out for while thrifting is cards of all different kinds. Now with the festive
season coming up there are many Christmas cards out. this way I'm all able to discover many different designs, themes and variety rather then walking into a card shop. the other thing is that these cards are unwanted and if they hadn't come to the charity they would have been thrown out. so i'm not just interested in finding new things but I'm also interested in giving new life to things others would see as waste. to me there is immense value in them and they'd deliver my message of caring and love to the recipient. my best friend and i love to send each other cards and the wait is wonderful. knowing that there is a card out there traveling to me. its a simple thing that means so much. we don't like to do emails they are impersonal and even if the content is creative the format can't be. Cards are a visual form and can communicate with the person in another way. The picture tells a story and the words inside add to that. Card sending isn't just about friendship its also a way of supporting the national postal system. I feel that although card sending might be regarded as a dying tradition it should be taken up again. Its a wonderful way of showing somebody you care and also supporting a very valuable service.

It turned out that two of the cards I had picked out were hand crafted by women who live in Nairobi, Kebira slums and they hard make these cards from waste paper and this way they are able to earn an income. I would have never come across these if it wasn't for my thrifting trips and I was able to find these beautiful cards that are part of such a heartfelt protect. I will know now that when I'm in need of a card I can get one and support a great cause. Just doing a simple thing like buying a card can go towards helping somebody out and thats a great thing. They have a website and now selling Christmas themed cards.

 My thrifting trips don't just help me make new book discoveries, buy cards, give unwanted thing a revived life but everything I spend goes to help a great cause. There is the Grove charity that supports people people living with cancer in 3 counties in my area of Hertfordshire. The other charity is called Kadect Deaf Children that help set up another children's deaf school in Gambia like the first one in the charity has been able to set up in Kashmir.

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