Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Remembering the Holocaust.

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz. I want to mark the day in my own way and I want to do so by introducing you to Art Spiegelman's graphic novels Maus and Maus II. The writer himself is a son of a Holocaust survivor and he writes his family story.  He writers a wonderful story. I think that it shouldn't be a narrative to be disregarded because literature has the ability to change and impact the imagination. I want to share my experience of this book because it had a huge impact on me when I read it. It wasn't like reading an article or hearing the news. It was about the small detail and the feelings of the characters.

The book depicts the Jews as mice and it's not hard to see why he does so - the living conditions they have to endure, they have to be quiet/secretive and they are prey not predator. The Nazi's are depicted as cats and this already places them in the position of predator without the involvement of language at all.

One of the most powerful moments in the book is The Prisoner of Hell. The style changes and this is the first moment in the book that the character's become human. This is the moment when Anna Zylberberg, Artie's mum commits suicide. For me this was a very intense moment. Artie speech bubble says, "In 1968 my mother killed herself...She left no note." This hit me really hard. After all the suffering she had suffered at the camps and having made it to liberation but only to kill herself in the end. The second part of the quote evokes so much emotion, so much meaning - of course after everything she had seen and been through she wouldn't leave a note - it was just all to much in the end. The absent note just signifies that.

This book shows us, the reader the impact of the Holocaust not just on the survivor but the son of a survivor and how he's life has been affected. In this graphic novel he himself comes to terms with what has happened to his family and coming to terms with his own history. He has a difficult and somewhat estranged relationship with his dad and how to tries to get on with his life and how he tries to bring his past and present together.

Spiegelman's graphic novel does a brilliant job. This novel is aimed at a young adult audience but it  reaches far beyond this. It is a book for all ages. I think it important to remember the Holocaust and this book does not only this but it enables readers from a young age to learn about Auschwitz and understand. It is through education that that readers can learn about this moment in history and make sure that it is not forgotten.

If you have not read this book I urge you to do so.

I know that finances can be a problem but there are accessible ways to get this book - for example going to the library, trying to see if your library has it available as an ebook, half price books (usa), if worldofbooks on ebay (uk) that sell 2nd hand books as well.

My New Year.

I can proudly say that it's not yet even the end of the month and I've read a non-fiction book - which is called The Other Wes by Wes Moore. The book tells a really powerful story. If you have a chance do read it. I'm also on my way to nearly finishing the book with a number in the title which is Thirteen Reasons Why - this is a young adult fiction novel. I discovered while browsing and so far it is a really fantastic read. The narrative keeps twisting and turning. I can't tell where it will go. That's one of the many reasons why I would say it's such a powerful narrative. Another reason why I'd say it is very poignant is that having had suicidal thoughts when I was a teenager and help total hopelessness I can understand the narrator. I feel her. I understand her. So already I've got 2 ticked off.  I've started the new year also ordering myself a bunch of personal reading books - not ones related to my university reading and this is very refreshing. Vivian versus the Apocalypse has already arrived. I haven't started it yet. Waiting on The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace, Port Chicago 50, Authority and Acceptance ( part of the Far Reach Trilogy). 
Moving on from my bookish resolutions my second resolution is to start working out and become more fit. I'm signing up tomorrow and I'll aim to go about 3 to 4 times a week. I'll have to update you on how this is going. This resolution is difficult for me because I need to get it done while I'm on campus and it's not something I can do while I feel like it. 

My last resolution is to drink more water. This I can do at my own leisure. It's more then a resolution its about changing my habit and just being more hydrated. 

These are my resolutions. I think its important to have them - no matter how small or how big, It's about progress. I always want to keep active and this resolutions are exactly about that. Yes part of it is to do with the new year but mostly it's personal. I don't want to set myself tasks I'll never achieve but tasks that I can progress through and develop as a person. 

I look forward to all the new things this 2015 year will bring. I hope you are too! :)

I know I know I've been away.

Schools been really time consuming.

I've been working for about 5 hours a day

 for last seven days

this week about 10

 I'm very tired.

my eyes are tired of the screen 

I've been keeping up with life.

I've been keeping up with the events of the world.

Leelah, the black lives matter movement

Charlie Hebdo, racism,

seeing people in need on go fund me

desperate need of help

that little bit extra

i've not had time

to let my mind


to close my eyes

let my body soak everything up

to write a poem

to breathe knowing

there's no deadline waiting

now once again its late

tomorrow more work