Tuesday, 3 February 2015

February: Black History Month

February has arrived and with it Black History Month has too.

Through out this month I will be celebrating and honoring Black History in a variety of different ways such as books by black authors, art, culture, history and black owned businesses. Books are my conform zone and I'm familiar with numerous black authors however I want to discover and learn more. This brings me into my second point which is that for me Black History month is as much about learning and discovery as about honoring, celebrating and recognizing black history and excellence as well. The learning and discovering I'm referring to is about the people, the events and the history that isn't in the history books but which exists out in society. I already have in mind some people I'll blog about but I want find out more. My aim is to discover as much as I can and blog about it so I can spread the achievements of black people.

Also I'll also be celebrating the month through cooking. The first thing dish will use Reggae Reggae sauce (by Levi Roots) to make probably jerk chicken or chicken wings.

For those interested in the recipe here it is http://www.leviroots.com/recipes/easy-jerk-chicken/
The sauce was purchased from Asda for £1.49. I'm sure it is widely available so can be purchased at other shops.

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