Thursday, 28 April 2016

The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea

I read The 5th Wave probably two months back and last night I just finished The Infinite Sea. I have to say that the first was interesting and intriguing. I rooted for Cassie. I liked her a lot. One of my favourite things in ya fiction is strong female leads who while being a woman is independent, strong and fights on. Cassie is exactly one of those characters. I really liked her narrative voice I think it worked very well. In this second installment, she doesn't narrate and I wished she did. I also missed Evan's narration too. While he does narrate a chapter or two which isn't a lot however those chapter he does I really like.
One thing that really drove the first novel forward for me was Cassie, her relationship with Evan and of course unforgettably the promise to her brother. In this second novel, I was expecting more Cassie and more romance but very little to non came. I was waiting for it until the last pages! Ah! This disappointed me I have to say. They got separated in the last book and I really was craving their reunion which although it happens doesn't have the romantic attention or tension it deserved. I don't feel so. I think that here Yancey really misses a great opportunity when there is SO much potential. Surely, I think he would suspect that the reader is waiting for this moment. The lack of feelings narrated in this re-union is another thing that I was disappointment at. I mean really I was expecting and waiting for Evan to be much more emotional (yes he is hurt but still Cassie is the girl he's madly in love with - the girl who gives him a 2nd awakening!).
It's a trilogy but I shouldn't have to be waiting until the 3rd book for all the things I've mentioned about. Their relationship has its uphills but even if not in equal measure (having in mind the sate of the world) it should have its romantic developments.
On the other hand her relationship with Sammy instead of developing its a bit back and forth for me. I can understand that he is upset about his fathers death but yet he seems to be angry at his sister. Again I think the problematic thing is that Sammy doesn't narrate which makes it hard to see things from his perspective.

That's some thoughts, struggles and disappointments I had with it. I will probably go onto read the 3rd one because I do want to know what happens but I don't exactly have a burning desire to go put it up right now. For me I feel passionate with books that grip me. Some of my favoruite's I couldn't wait to get my hands onto the next one and was so glad that I'd bought the set of Vampire Academy and The Hunger Games. This trilogy has failed to spark me. The characters and ideas are there but that lack they present is what has caused this lack of spark for me that so many other series have.


It's not easy having anxiety and nerve problems. I've been 'illed' by these two throughout March. Insomnia along with them. I just can't get to sleep. That is the way of things sometimes I know.

In those times more then ever it is important to look after oneself. The editing has been going well! And I've started to write the next batch of poems for the collection. It's not easy facing those things that happened in the past sometimes but I remind myself that they happened and here I'm still standing today. I hold onto that thought tightly.

I know that I'm strong. I doubt myself sometimes but I know I'm.  The desire to cry comes upon me at times but crying just isn't my style. LOL. I don't like it. Crying for me serves only a function to let out the pain when one is in pain. So crying is definitely of the table.

I've been going out into the sun and enjoying nature; the birds in it, the flowers, the plants along with the colours and smells. Enjoying the season that is spring. Listening to the deer and keeping quiet. Just yesterday I saw one.
Photography relaxes me. It makes feel calm and very much as ease.
Cooking also relaxes me which I haven't been doing as much as I've wanted to lately. But it's ok. I must focus on keeping well and getting on with the poetry. Those two things are the priorities right now.

~ One thing that has been bugging me is that I'm behind on my 2016 reading  challenge. I'm only behind 4 but it seems that while I read there I haven't caught up yet much annoys me as of this moment. 12/50.

Blessings, Ellie :D

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Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Process

Since the beginning of this month I have been working through a poetry collection that is based on my memories.
Memories from my childhood that involved my parents having to sell their home due to issues with relatives, my parents going abroad and me being in the care of my grandparents. I write from the feeling I had during that time.
I remember those exact thoughts I had as a child as it was yesterday.

It is a hard collection to write for a variety of reasons but it's significant. For so long time in my life I had trouble dealing with my past and coming to terms with it. This poetry in many ways is the final chapter for me. It's about recognizing my struggle and not only sharing them but bringing art out of my times of difficulty/struggle.

It's not an easy collection for me. I write and sometimes I have to sit back to compose myself - to make myself keep going. In many ways it's almost like having to relive the past and yet it isn't. I feel strongly about my poetry and in this collection I use it to reflect all these things that happened. The collection isn't about memory as such although that is a large part of's to do with the past and my journey. It's about capturing the feeling rather then the memory. The feelings of a child whose parents were away, who saw her whole world turned upside down (excuse the cliche!) The two are interwoven but it's about the little observations I remember making as a child that have always stayed with me. It's a hard thing to pin point but this collection is important to me.

The poetry serves as a collection which shows the reader my plight. I had so many difficult things happen to me and I triumphed.  Each poem can be regarded as a mini-roller coaster on it's on - each with it's own struggle but that's what I experienced.  I think that real life is like that and my poetry shows this.

I feel that it has taken me a lot to to get to this collection. It has been a while in the making but I've never put down my story - my struggles. In needed time to come to this point and well my past wasn't something that I had fully dealt with. It was always something I was working on and I guess the moment I started to write this collection I was looking at my past in the face. I was no longer scared. I was no longer afraid. I was no longer dwelling on it. I'm not saying it didn't hurt but I myself had become removed. I no longer saw myself as part of it. Now I regard it as an event of another century and when I look back my heart no longer stings.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Update: My Writing

Well in the time I have been away I haven't been short for inspiration. I still wrote poetry whenever I could and was very dedicated to getting some poetry written which I did. I wanted to complete a collection but I never managed to.  I would say I got about 80% through which isn't bad at all considering everything that was going me being really stressed, having work to do all the time, reading and essays.
If I back track before I began my final year I did a lot of writing then ...which is what I've currently returned to 'work' on. I'm typing it all up and adding new poetry to it along with editing as things come to me.
Getting through my poetry and focusing on it has been one of my New Year resolutions which as of this February I'm making great progress on.
All the while my bestie (which I made when I studied abroad in the Usa ~ is also a poet/writer) has been mailing me her poetry and so I'm working on sorting through mine while also reading hers (as well providing comments).

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I'M BACK!! :D :D

Finally I'm here. I've made it.
The past year has been really hectic. Final year at uni, not feeling well and just having to do life. It's hard. Everybody has their own struggles and they just have to keep going.  I had no time to myself. I hardly got to do any things I enjoyed. There were times I was up from one morning to the next when I'd just collapse into bed.
I'm happy to say that I've overcome those struggles and come out a graduate on  the other end. Yes! :D I got my diploma and well it feels quite surreal to be quiet frank. Even all these months on it's an new feeling. I can say I've graduated and not I'm at uni.
I'm proud of myself for my results - I achieved a 2.1! Despite all the things that were happening and my own state it's just amazing.
I had plans to blog and do this and that but it just wasn't meant to be. I was just supposed to get all that stuff done and out the way then come to my blog with a free mind, heart and soul. 
It feel amazing to also sit down and write all about it. I've reflected but I've not really written about it.
I have plans to update my blog constantly and not just with poetry but book reviews, photography of my travels/nature, thrifting finds, and just document things....I really want this blog to reflect who I'm as a person and I feel it be best to do that by posting a variety of things....I feel that I've got a lot to say and I've changed a whole lot in the past two years in which I have been mainly absent from posting and well I love my blog so don't want to abandon it.
Love Ellie

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