Wednesday, 17 February 2016

I'M BACK!! :D :D

Finally I'm here. I've made it.
The past year has been really hectic. Final year at uni, not feeling well and just having to do life. It's hard. Everybody has their own struggles and they just have to keep going.  I had no time to myself. I hardly got to do any things I enjoyed. There were times I was up from one morning to the next when I'd just collapse into bed.
I'm happy to say that I've overcome those struggles and come out a graduate on  the other end. Yes! :D I got my diploma and well it feels quite surreal to be quiet frank. Even all these months on it's an new feeling. I can say I've graduated and not I'm at uni.
I'm proud of myself for my results - I achieved a 2.1! Despite all the things that were happening and my own state it's just amazing.
I had plans to blog and do this and that but it just wasn't meant to be. I was just supposed to get all that stuff done and out the way then come to my blog with a free mind, heart and soul. 
It feel amazing to also sit down and write all about it. I've reflected but I've not really written about it.
I have plans to update my blog constantly and not just with poetry but book reviews, photography of my travels/nature, thrifting finds, and just document things....I really want this blog to reflect who I'm as a person and I feel it be best to do that by posting a variety of things....I feel that I've got a lot to say and I've changed a whole lot in the past two years in which I have been mainly absent from posting and well I love my blog so don't want to abandon it.
Love Ellie

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