Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Process

Since the beginning of this month I have been working through a poetry collection that is based on my memories.
Memories from my childhood that involved my parents having to sell their home due to issues with relatives, my parents going abroad and me being in the care of my grandparents. I write from the feeling I had during that time.
I remember those exact thoughts I had as a child as it was yesterday.

It is a hard collection to write for a variety of reasons but it's significant. For so long time in my life I had trouble dealing with my past and coming to terms with it. This poetry in many ways is the final chapter for me. It's about recognizing my struggle and not only sharing them but bringing art out of my times of difficulty/struggle.

It's not an easy collection for me. I write and sometimes I have to sit back to compose myself - to make myself keep going. In many ways it's almost like having to relive the past and yet it isn't. I feel strongly about my poetry and in this collection I use it to reflect all these things that happened. The collection isn't about memory as such although that is a large part of's to do with the past and my journey. It's about capturing the feeling rather then the memory. The feelings of a child whose parents were away, who saw her whole world turned upside down (excuse the cliche!) The two are interwoven but it's about the little observations I remember making as a child that have always stayed with me. It's a hard thing to pin point but this collection is important to me.

The poetry serves as a collection which shows the reader my plight. I had so many difficult things happen to me and I triumphed.  Each poem can be regarded as a mini-roller coaster on it's on - each with it's own struggle but that's what I experienced.  I think that real life is like that and my poetry shows this.

I feel that it has taken me a lot to to get to this collection. It has been a while in the making but I've never put down my story - my struggles. In needed time to come to this point and well my past wasn't something that I had fully dealt with. It was always something I was working on and I guess the moment I started to write this collection I was looking at my past in the face. I was no longer scared. I was no longer afraid. I was no longer dwelling on it. I'm not saying it didn't hurt but I myself had become removed. I no longer saw myself as part of it. Now I regard it as an event of another century and when I look back my heart no longer stings.

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