Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Update: My Writing

Well in the time I have been away I haven't been short for inspiration. I still wrote poetry whenever I could and was very dedicated to getting some poetry written which I did. I wanted to complete a collection but I never managed to.  I would say I got about 80% through which isn't bad at all considering everything that was going me being really stressed, having work to do all the time, reading and essays.
If I back track before I began my final year I did a lot of writing then ...which is what I've currently returned to 'work' on. I'm typing it all up and adding new poetry to it along with editing as things come to me.
Getting through my poetry and focusing on it has been one of my New Year resolutions which as of this February I'm making great progress on.
All the while my bestie (which I made when I studied abroad in the Usa ~ is also a poet/writer) has been mailing me her poetry and so I'm working on sorting through mine while also reading hers (as well providing comments).

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