Thursday, 28 April 2016


It's not easy having anxiety and nerve problems. I've been 'illed' by these two throughout March. Insomnia along with them. I just can't get to sleep. That is the way of things sometimes I know.

In those times more then ever it is important to look after oneself. The editing has been going well! And I've started to write the next batch of poems for the collection. It's not easy facing those things that happened in the past sometimes but I remind myself that they happened and here I'm still standing today. I hold onto that thought tightly.

I know that I'm strong. I doubt myself sometimes but I know I'm.  The desire to cry comes upon me at times but crying just isn't my style. LOL. I don't like it. Crying for me serves only a function to let out the pain when one is in pain. So crying is definitely of the table.

I've been going out into the sun and enjoying nature; the birds in it, the flowers, the plants along with the colours and smells. Enjoying the season that is spring. Listening to the deer and keeping quiet. Just yesterday I saw one.
Photography relaxes me. It makes feel calm and very much as ease.
Cooking also relaxes me which I haven't been doing as much as I've wanted to lately. But it's ok. I must focus on keeping well and getting on with the poetry. Those two things are the priorities right now.

~ One thing that has been bugging me is that I'm behind on my 2016 reading  challenge. I'm only behind 4 but it seems that while I read there I haven't caught up yet much annoys me as of this moment. 12/50.

Blessings, Ellie :D

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