Thursday, 28 April 2016

The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea

I read The 5th Wave probably two months back and last night I just finished The Infinite Sea. I have to say that the first was interesting and intriguing. I rooted for Cassie. I liked her a lot. One of my favourite things in ya fiction is strong female leads who while being a woman is independent, strong and fights on. Cassie is exactly one of those characters. I really liked her narrative voice I think it worked very well. In this second installment, she doesn't narrate and I wished she did. I also missed Evan's narration too. While he does narrate a chapter or two which isn't a lot however those chapter he does I really like.
One thing that really drove the first novel forward for me was Cassie, her relationship with Evan and of course unforgettably the promise to her brother. In this second novel, I was expecting more Cassie and more romance but very little to non came. I was waiting for it until the last pages! Ah! This disappointed me I have to say. They got separated in the last book and I really was craving their reunion which although it happens doesn't have the romantic attention or tension it deserved. I don't feel so. I think that here Yancey really misses a great opportunity when there is SO much potential. Surely, I think he would suspect that the reader is waiting for this moment. The lack of feelings narrated in this re-union is another thing that I was disappointment at. I mean really I was expecting and waiting for Evan to be much more emotional (yes he is hurt but still Cassie is the girl he's madly in love with - the girl who gives him a 2nd awakening!).
It's a trilogy but I shouldn't have to be waiting until the 3rd book for all the things I've mentioned about. Their relationship has its uphills but even if not in equal measure (having in mind the sate of the world) it should have its romantic developments.
On the other hand her relationship with Sammy instead of developing its a bit back and forth for me. I can understand that he is upset about his fathers death but yet he seems to be angry at his sister. Again I think the problematic thing is that Sammy doesn't narrate which makes it hard to see things from his perspective.

That's some thoughts, struggles and disappointments I had with it. I will probably go onto read the 3rd one because I do want to know what happens but I don't exactly have a burning desire to go put it up right now. For me I feel passionate with books that grip me. Some of my favoruite's I couldn't wait to get my hands onto the next one and was so glad that I'd bought the set of Vampire Academy and The Hunger Games. This trilogy has failed to spark me. The characters and ideas are there but that lack they present is what has caused this lack of spark for me that so many other series have.

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